Drone, Camera Pole and Thermal Imaging Inspections

At Ovolo Building Consultancy we have invested heavily in the latest digital and remote imaging technology for building inspection.
thermal imaging using Flir camera

Thermal Imaging

Part of our imaging investment has gone into a FLIR thermal imaging camera. This is an excellent piece of equipment which we use to assist in identifying building defects that the naked eye or cameras just can not see.

Typical uses include dampness inspections, leak detection, cavity wall insulation defects, thermal performance defects – even identifying the structure of a wall!

drones are useful for roof inspections

Drone Camera Inspection

Whilst we don’t have a drone pilot at Ovolo Building Consultancy at present, we do have a good relationship with an excellent pilot who can accompany us on any roof inspection nationally.

However, drones do have their limitations which is where our camera pole is useful.

camera pole used for roof survey

Camera Pole Inspection

Our camera pole is a lightweight telescopic pole which extends up to 10 metres and is fitted with a high resolution camera. The pole is extremely useful for close inspection of roof coverings, cladding, gutters, parapets, valleys and the like. We frequently use this pole in our Structure Only and Single Defect surveys.

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