Dilapidations are essentially Tenant breaches of covenant within a lease.

Towards the end of a lease, the Landlord usually has a right to appoint a Surveyor to enter the premises and undertake an inspection for any breaches of repairing covenants. From this inspection the Surveyor would then draw up a Schedule of Dilapidations, which would then be served on the Tenant, usually through a Solicitor.

The Schedule of Dilapidations would set out all breaches of the agreed repairing covenants, and the work required by the Landlord to rectify these. Typically the required repairs within the Schedule are costed to form a basis of a monetary settlement where the Tenant does not wish to do the repairs.

Where a Tenant does not agree with the Landlords Schedule of Dilapidations, the Tenant has the option to appoint a different Surveyor to prepare their own Schedule. In this instance the Landlords Surveyor and Tenants Surveyor would negotiate a settlement.

We are happy to act for either Landlord or Tenant in Dilapidation matters.

Our Dilapidation work includes:

Preparation of interim and final dilapidations schedules for Landlords
Defence of dilapidation schedules for Tenants
Preparation of Scott Schedules
Negotiation of settlements
Advice on Tenants liability during lease term
Procurement and Project Management or repair work
in connection with Dilapidations claims

We offer strategic advice for both landlords and tenants with regard to dilapidations and can provide guidance on the most appropriate options in good time of the lease end.

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