Contract Administration

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At Ovolo Building Consultancy we are familiar with the JCT suite of contracts. In particular the Minor Works Building Contract and Intermediate Building Contract. Both these contracts (along with other JCT Contracts) require the appointment of a Contract Administrator.

The Contract Administrator is appointed by the Employer and must act fairly and impartially between the Employer and Contractor in accordance with the contract conditions. We are frequently appointed as Contract Administrator in conjunction with our role as Project Manager, although we are happy to undertake the role independently if necessary.

The key tasks required of a Contract Administrator typically include:

chairing meetings
periodically inspecting the works
giving instructions, including variation or change orders
determining any applications for extensions of time by the contractor
authorising interim payments to the contractor
certifying the date of completion
settling the adjusted contract sum (final account)
contract administration on site

The Contract Administrator can only exercise the powers given under the JCT contract conditions.  As such it is imperative that the Contract Administrator:

Has appropriate knowledge and skill of the contract conditions and know how to apply them

Act in a manner which is independent, impartial and fair when making decisions

Have in-depth knowledge of construction and the inter-relation between trades & construction operations so that the changes, and the impact of the changes, can be traced

Be aware of, and where necessary be conversant with, the different types of critical path and project programming techniques

As can be seen, the role of Contract Administrator, should not be taken lightly.

We are often appointed as Expert Witness on cases involving professional negligence of Contract Administrators.

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