Specification Production

Specifications are very common in the construction industry and are used to explain in detail exactly what works are required, in what order the works should be done and using exactly which materials.
material choices on desk for building specification

At Ovolo Building Consultancy, we have invested heavily in the latest National Building Specification (NBS) software to enable us to give a bespoke service to our clients, and pass on the savings using this software allows.

Specifications break down the work involved on a project in to manageable portions that can be readily identified and priced by any competent contractor. Essentially, the specification gives a complete schedule of the required works.  This may or may not be used in conjunction with drawings, dependant on the type and size of the project.

Where NBS is used with our Architectural Design service, all drawings and specifications are cross-referenced.

Specifications are produced in a standard format that allows any contractor to accurately price each portion of the works, thereby giving the client a more detailed and accurate breakdown of the cost. The specification can also be used to send to several different contractors in order to compare prices. This procedure is known as tendering, which we can also undertake on behalf of our clients.

designer studying drawing for building specification

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